The exploration continues

The exploration of non-place has continued its journey through in city petrol stations.

As from a previous post a non-place is an area designed for use by humans but is not permanently occupied by us, examples include airports, train stations, supermarkets and of course fuel stations.


The original interest came from a photographic project during my degree looking at the world of A Road Petrol Stations photographed at night time.  The fuel stations are an example of non-place and the idea behind photographing them at night time was to cause a feeling of isolation but also as a beacon of safety in the dark.


The original outline of the project was the fuel stations had to be outside of urban areas and on stretches of A Road which have few or no street lights.  The main idea behind that is it reduces the amount of light pollution creating a sky which is an even deeper black thus accentuating the isolation.



Published by andrewphayward

Photographer and Photography teacher from the south of England. Pursuer of the arts of Deadpan and Documentary Photography with a particular interest in the anthropology of non-place. ***All my views are my own and don't reflect those of the institution I work for***

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