Inspiration from the sky

Took a trip to London at the weekend which is always fun and while our way to our intended show we came across an exhibition of aerial photography hosted at the Royal Geographical Society.  The collection consisted of many exciting photographs of parts of the United Kingdom taken from the air.

The thing that excited me most about this series of images is that it did not entirely consist of the beautiful ‘chocolate box’ views of this country that one would expect.  It instead had a wide range of subjects from the stunning examples of coastlines to the overwhelming views of power stations doing what they do.

The body of work really goes to show how diverse and historical this country is and that one doesn’t need to spend a fortune just to see some amazing and truly outstanding sights!

The show is free to visit and is hosted in the Royal Geographical Societies gardens until the 12th of July.  As it is an outdoor show, maybe pick your day depending on the weather but certainly worth a visit.IMG_3107IMG_3106

Published by andrewphayward

Photographer and Photography teacher from the south of England. Pursuer of the arts of Deadpan and Documentary Photography with a particular interest in the anthropology of non-place. ***All my views are my own and don't reflect those of the institution I work for***

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