A day for film

No digital shooting today as I grabbed a couple of hours to use the Zero Image 2000 pinhole camera. Loaded with Ilford Pan F 50 120 film, I roamed Southsea and look forward to processing the results next week where I will shortly produce some prints to share.

Fireworks and High ISO

This evening was the annual HMS Sultan firework night where I took the chance to stretch the legs of my new camera and its abilities when working at High ISO and I’m incredibly impressed!  Not dropping below 1600 ISO the images were consistently strong even when zoomed in on to.  The atmosphere and feeling ofContinue reading “Fireworks and High ISO”

A new day

Following a disappointing trip out with the camera yesterday today was refreshing and more successful.  An early fog lead to damp foliage which in turn made for some beautiful images. http://www.andrewpaulhayward.com/27th-october-2016.html

An overcast morning by the sea

I took full advantage of this mornings high tide and overcast sky to introduce the new camera to the Cokin Nuance filters.  Creating long exposures in daylight can be great fun and a challenge to meter. http://www.andrewpaulhayward.com/24th-october-2016.html

Forests and Skies

Today I found myself obsessed with the autumn sky and the tree line cast against it.  This time of the year is my favourite with so much change in the air. Blog page on website at this link: http://andrewpaulhayward.com/23rd-october-2016.html

A break to shoot

After a very busy half term of teaching Photography I’m quite looking forward to a break with loads of shooting! Including todays first outing with the new camera! This also means overdue updates to the website! http://www.andrewpaulhayward.com/22nd-october-2016.html