Fireworks and High ISO

This evening was the annual HMS Sultan firework night where I took the chance to stretch the legs of my new camera and its abilities when working at High ISO and I’m incredibly impressed!  Not dropping below 1600 ISO the images were consistently strong even when zoomed in on to.  The atmosphere and feeling ofContinue reading “Fireworks and High ISO”

A new day

Following a disappointing trip out with the camera yesterday today was refreshing and more successful.  An early fog lead to damp foliage which in turn made for some beautiful images.

Fort Blockhouse Officers Mess

Recently when working for a new client I was quite privileged to photograph two Regimental Sergeant Major ‘Dine Outs’ in a row.  To the uninformed these are basically retirement parties for individuals who have spent a very large portion of their life serving in the army, the first was 23 years of service and theContinue reading “Fort Blockhouse Officers Mess”